Work Experience

  • City of Tucumcari parks and recreation

    2001-2001 | Sales Associate/Customer Service

    I was a cashier and lifeguard at the swimming pool in Tucumcari

  • Fireworks Haven

    2001-2001 | Cashier/ Stocker

    I stocked and sold fireworks. I unloaded the semi's in the warehouse.

  • Krispy Kreme

    2003-2003 | Stocker/Cashier

    I filled and prepared the doughnuts for sales.

  • Anderson Merchandisers

    2004-2004 | Warehouse Associate

    I was in recycling. We were responsible for getting the products ready to send back to Walmart.

  • Estrella Construction

    2005-2005 | General Masonry Labor

    We installed fences for small businesses.

  • Wendy's restaurants

    2006-2006 | Cashier/Customer Service

    I was in charge of preparing everything for the make line. I made the food for the orders.

  • Domino's Pizza

    2006-2006 | Delivery Driver

    I delivered pizzas, helped make the pizza, and answered the phones.

  • Prater's Warehouse

    2008-2008 | Order Puller

    I helped pull orders and package them for shipping.

  • Burger King Corp.

    2008-2008 | Kitchen Crew

    I worked the make line boards preparing the orders.

  • Burger King Corp.

    2008-2008 | Kitchen Crew

    I worked on the make line preparing the orders.

  • Domino's Pizza

    2008-2009 | Delivery Driver

    I delivered pizzas, made the pizzas, and answered the phones to take orders.

  • Burger King Corp.

    2009-2010 | Kitchen Crew

    I was responsible for getting the orders out, cleaning the kitchen, and closing down the kitchen.

  • McDonald's Restraunt

    2012-2013 | Shift Supervisor/Night Manager

    I was the overnight manager. I was responsible for my crew. I prepared everything for morning shift, shutdown and restarting the system, counting my deposit, and making schedules.

  • Amarillo Ice Company

    2014-2014 | Warehouse Associate

    I was responsible for making the schedules, filling the blocks so they could freeze, bagging the ice, stacking pallets, running manual and electric pallet jacks, and inventory.