Work Experience

  • United States Marine Corps

    2001-2010 | Electro Optical Ordnance Repair Technician

    Served as an enlisted military service member for 9 years as an electronics technician • Used technical publications such as schematics, drawings and wiring diagrams to assist with the repair of equipment and computers • Repaired electrical components using soldering techniques to replace failed components on printed circuit boards, testing and adjusting to exacting standards • Accurately tested, troubleshot, diagnosed and repaired over two hundred different types of electro-optical components, ground ordnance, laser based equipment, night vision devices, circuit boards, and small missile systems • Safely worked with, around and correctly disposed of hazardous materials including but not limited to oils, fuels, gases, and radioactive items such as Tritium

  • Fed Ex Tech Connect

    2011-2011 | Electronic Component Repair Technician

    Provided quality repair services and operated various pieces of test equipment • Provided technical expertise in the repair of the Motorola power pad and laptop computers • Run computer based diagnostics and trouble shoot various technical issues • Repair or replace faulty or damaged components according to company policy and cost efficiency

  • ESS Nashville

    2011-2012 | Low Voltage Systems and Installation Technician

    Install, provide on-site service and repair various types network driven communication systems, CCTV surveillance, and sound systems in a commercial environment, TCP/IP networking • Terminate with various connectors, pull and install cables such as coaxial, CatV, Cat6 RG59, RG6 to the NEC standard • Design and provide estimate for, install and service commercial sound for either foreground or background music • Design and install CCTV systems complete with digital video recorders, cameras and monitors with remote accessibility via internet • Install and service satellite cable and music as an authorized dealer for Direct TV, Dish Network, and DMX

  • Master Telecom

    2012-2012 | Lead Technician (Low Voltage)

    Lead teams of technicians Install complete information transport systems in commercial facilities, audio visual systems as well as installing, upgrading and repairing all aspects of low voltage applications • Primary interface with customers • Read blueprint, technical drawings and diagrams for cable installation to standards (NFPA, NEC)

  • ESI Companies Inc.

    2012-2013 | Electronics Technician (Lead Tech)

    Design, build and install electronic equipment and components for the SkyCop Product line • Engineer systems and install wiring and components to customer specifications • Test, troubleshoot and repair electronic equipment and components • Fabricate materials and parts based on customer needs and design space requirements

  • Vertical Limit Construction

    2013-Present | RF Technician

    Provide technical services expertise in wireless tower shelter equipment install • Build, test and install cables to company tolerances for RF and fiber cable communication • Handle live high voltage AC and DC circuits in order to perform upgrades or routine maintenance. Install or remove telecom equipment as directed • Participated in a major 4G upgrade project for US Cellular


  • ITT Technical Institute


    Enrolled in Associate Degree program, Electronics Engineering Technology; Current GPA 3.5


  • Marine Corps

    2001-2010 | Sergeant

    Electro Optics Technician