Nataniel Jacobson

Nataniel Jacobson

Work Experience


    2008-2011 | Crew

    Worked cash register, customer service, stocked shelves, ordered for and merchandised a section of the store.

  • Complete Coach Works

    2013-2013 | Mechanic

    I worked on a small team which working on a contract for Muni, San Francisco's public buses. I created wiring harnesses for new door motors with new safety features for 300 buses. I also installed the new door motors with the harnesses. I stopped working because of a school schedule conflict.

  • Alloy Metal Products

    2014-Present | CNC Machinist

    Alloy metal products is an AS 9100-B / ISO 9001:2008 certified machine shop. Most of the work I do is on a 3 axis Haas VF2, but I am also familiar with our 4-axis Matsuura horizontal mill, and have also done limited operation on 5-axis Matsuura mills. I occasionally use the manual Bridgeport and lathe. I work in tolerances down to tenths, producing parts mostly for the Aerospace, Military, and Medical fields.


  • Oakland Technical High School

    2005-2009 | High School Diploma

    In High School, I was already exposed to programs like AutoCAD, Inventor, and other CAD software. I also took a lot of physics and math, which I use a lot as a machinist.

  • Laney College


    I started my career at Laney College preparing to transfer to a University for Mechanical Engineering. I switched to a Machining major, staying at my local community college, but I took classes in Physics, Chemistry, Math, and English. which make me a more well-rounded machinist. In the Machine Shop, I have experience with manual vertical mills, manual lathes, surface grinder, lathe tool grinding from HSS blanks, and working with many materials such as brass, bronze, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and even plastic and titanium. I also have experience with a lot of software such as Solidworks, AutoCAD, Inventor, and more. I am currently taking classes (all at night) for CNC machining, learning G-Code and Mastercam. We have a HAAS mill and lathe with Fanuc controls.