Work Experience

  • Unistructures

    2015-2016 | Welder/Fabricator

    ● Cut, bend, and fit aluminum and steel together to form menu boards ● Stick weld together menu boards, clearance bars, pylons, and pylon covers using both aluminum and steel ● Grind and sand all finished products ● Use cutting torch, plasma cutter, band saws, chop saws, and shears to cut parts to a specified length ● Drill and rivet together pieces clients didn't want welded

  • Jonquill Steel

    2016-2019 | Welder, Fabricator, Fitter, Machine Operator

    ● Operate the Peddinghaus Drill Line/Saw, Peddinghaus Coping Machine, CNC Plasma Table, Track torch, Oxy-Acetylene torch, & plasma cutter, grinders, chop saws, band saws, sanders. ● Read shop drawings and blueprints, nesting and gather sheets, handwritten drawings. ● Operate Forklift ● Mig & Stick welding of structural mild and galvanized steel. ● Mig welding of handrails and stairs. ● Fit and fabricate beams, tubes, columns (limited detail), channels, frames, & pipe. ● Paint and sandblast final products as needed. ● Loading and unloading of shipments

  • DCI (Diversified Conveyors Inc.)


    ● Stick weld, fabrication of conveyor belts and catwalks, cut and grind work. ● Fork and Scissor Lift operator

  • Brentech


    ● Review of Prints for fabrication, check and verify material in stock and identify material needed for job fabrications. ● Inspect work in progress and upon completion as Quality Control. ● Supervise and assign work of team members engaged in the fabricating/ installation of a variety of projects. ●Layout work, ensure pieces are cut, aligned and fit together properly prior to assembly. ●Establish deadlines, ensure shop productivity and modify work schedules to meet those deadlines. ●Diagnose problems, advise, consult &provide assistance to all team members. ● Coordinate with Field supervisor for staffing/ material & supplies requirements