Patrick Longo

Licenses & Certifications

Work Experience

  • Gerry’s Auto Shop

    1991-1995 | Mechanic/Welder

    Mr. Longo performed complete auto and truck repair, maintenance, troubleshooting from all electrical and mechanical. In depth analyst and repair from tire rotation, oil, trans, antifreeze changes and flush complete repair and replacement of brakes, tie rods, control arms, ball joints, drive shafts front and rear wheel plus 4x4, sway bars, all sensors, fuel pumps, filters, regulators, alternators, starters, distributors, spark plugs, glow plugs, intakes, heads, fuel injectors, carburetors, windows, doors, hoods, transmissions, transfer cases, engines. And logged all work performed start to finish.

  • Ben Lee Roll off trailers

    1992-1998 | Welder/Fabricator

    Mr. Longo performed work from reading blueprints and cutting raw I-beams, heat and shape framework, drill and cut beams and install casters, rollers, crossbeams, axles, brake lines, wire harnesses, pneumatic equipment and install and or mount trailers to semi trucks and install all other equipment needed for trailers from controls for wench, lights, lift, generator, air compressor, also performed trouble shooting on all areas of work from frames to generators. Kept a list of items used from start to finish for each job order completed. Performed in depth repair and maintenance on trucks both small and large, gas and diesel alike. From standard oil, transmission, differential, hubs, brake, power steering and all other filter and fluid changes to head gaskets, drive train replacements front to back. Suspension repair and placement of tie rods, ball joints, control arms, springs coil and leaf, bushings of all sorts. General maintenance on starters, alternators, steering pumps, hoses, radiators, intake and exhaust plus head gaskets, fuel lines and all other repair and maintenance items. Also deep analyst and troubleshooting of mechanical and electrical in and out of trucks.

  • McKinley Properties

    1998-2002 | Maintenance Tech/Supervisor/Inventory Specialist

    Mr. Longo performed all types of interior/exterior repairs to apartments, homes and offices. I worked in empty and occupied units, performed Quality Assurance checks, performed repairs to fire and water damaged units, performed on-call one week out of every month. Supervised all crew members and contractors working on units. Installed and managed installation of cable and phone systems by on site crews or contractors. I walked through units and listed what was needed and inspected before, between and after jobs were complete. I’ve handled time sheets, order forms, account bills, payouts and petty cash accounts and inventory of parts used and needed from simple screws, bolts to windows, roofing, sheet rock, plumbing/electrical fixtures paint, cabinets, exterior siding, cement anything required to complete each and every job individually. Prepared supply requisitions and maintained the return of excess equipment and parts. Called and placed orders to supply companies. Verified all ordered items, accounts and payments in and out of my part of the company. Performed and over seen maintenance on company trucks from engine tune ups, brakes, to general electrical trouble shooting and repair. Also did work in units myself, from start to finish.

  • P&M Home Improvements

    2002-2007 | Co-owner/Contractor

    Mr Longo performed a wide range or duties from but not limited to full demo to revamps on burned apartments and some commercial buildings. We gutted down to frame and replaced any bad sections, installed new electrical, plumbing, ducts, flooring, cable wire, phone wire and jacks and all aspects in between. We also did make-ready apartments from start to finish. Completed construction including ceramic, peel and stick, glued, hardwood, drywall repairs and replacement, painting, masonry, siding, roofing, windows, doors metal & wood, register heat to force and more. Performed electrical installation and repair, installation and repair of property signs with and without available electrical supply, and signage constructed of brick, glass, plastic, fiber and wood. Installed plumbing to/from meters and sewers, new construction and existing homes, as well as plumbing repair. Performed drywall replacement and repair and interior/exterior painting/finish work to include drop ceilings. Also handled all logistical requirements needed to complete all jobs start to finish within customers budget. Responsible for procurement of supplies and establishing business relationships with varies vendors and ordered any special items required. Preparation of shipping documentation for incoming/outgoing shipments. Effective at managing requests for critical supplies in fast-paced/immediate-need environment. Kept a detailed inventory of items used. Experienced in accurate control of equipment requiring return to O.E.M. vendors for repair, and excess equipment/parts for return to suppliers. Assisted with the preparation of supply requisitions, recording and maintaining the return of excess equipment, Also handled all the preparation of shipping documentation for incoming/outgoing shipments, taxes, personal and private accounts throughout as co-owner.

  • Knapheide Truck Equipment

    2008-2008 | Welder/Fabricator/Technician

    Read blueprints or specs and cut, fit, design, weld and complete truck service bodies from flatbeds, dumps, farm, standard service bodies, cranes, Tommy gates, rail gates. Load and unload bodies and parts with forklifts from truck and shelves and more. Install onto pick-ups, vans, box trucks and larger. Install and fabricate generators to trucks. Assemble all equipment or items of truck before install. Read schematics and ran and installed electrical wire, relays, switches, and cut off for equipment. Use forklift and overhead cranes to pull parts and load and unload trucks and set onto trucks. Completed all electrical, hydraulic and everything in between. Jobs were inspected by D.O.T. inspectors. Prepared supply work orders, recorded and maintained the return of excess/unserviceable equipment. Also assisted in the preparation of shipping documentation. Inventoried all items used and needed to stock for each job and turn in to inventory for order or stock. Performed maintenance on small and large trucks. General oil and other fluid changes, flush and fill and electrical trouble shooting.

  • Volt, Express personnel, Young blood staffing, Labor ready and Labor Finders


    I worked for Volt, Express personnel, Young blood staffing, Labor ready and Labor Finders performing various kinds of work from assembly, welding, stock and inventory to construction and maintenance of all kinds and warehouse work. I was seeking full time employment during the whole time while working for the temp companies but due to the lack of work i took what i could and provided the best performance i could. Some jobs lasted 2 days and others 4 months. Performed vehicle maintenance jobs from oil changes and fluid flushes to brakes and fuel systems. The inventory jobs required different types of logistics from review of incoming order forms for proper coding, requested quantities and authorized approvals. Initiate requests for vendor corrections, inspection and verification of supplies received against invoice and packing slip. construction work was from foundation to roofs in and out of homes and offices. Warehouse consisted of loading and unloading trucks and inventory and stocking of all items received also log and complete orders going outbound. Performed dispatching of trucks and orders when needed .Q.C. all incoming and outbound orders to ensure proper items and safe shipping standards apply.

  • Supply Clerk

    2011-2011 | Supply Clerk

    Performs logistic program activities from conceptual stage through life cycle of product. Develops and implements logistics program activities including ILS, technical documentation, RAM, provisioning, etc.; coordinates efforts of subcontractors and field service personnel; resolves logistics problems; and compiles data on standardization and interchangeability of parts to expedite logistic activities.

  • Motor Pool

    2011-2013 | Mechanic

    Have been working in the motor pool performing all types of repair from motors, transmissions, transfers, wiring harnesses, reinstalling them and more like troubleshooting. Uninstall and install engines, Perform service on hummers, 5K, 10K Forklifts, Lmtvs, Mtvs, trailers, and some generators and other equipment in shop, Perform repair duties according to specifications on vehicle present. Working through all rotation of various types of diagnosis, troubleshooting and repairs. Uninstall and reinstall hubs, differentials, axles, frame supports, bodies, brakes and brake assemblies, interiors and all other required parts for various types of vehicles and trailers.