Paul Reneau

Paul Reneau

Work Experience

  • metal skills plus llc.

    1998-2008 | tig/mig welder/fabricator

    Build x-ray machine's for electronic's inspection, bio-med carts for health care industry

  • Alkar-RapidPak

    2010-2014 | prosess pipe welder

    Purge weld prosess and cleaning pipeing for food industry


  • Madison East High School

    1990-1994 | High School Graduate or GED

  • wisc. welding center

    1997-1997 | welder mig, tig and stick

    A little training center set up by an aprentice weld inspector to help him get required xp, and make a few bucks certifieing established welders and teaching new one's the basic's needed to get a job, weld symbol's, trouble shooting, proper welds, and theory.