paul williams

Work Experience

  • Ladd Furniture, Pennsylvania House

    1999-2002 | Shipping and Receiving

  • Contractor's Building Supply

    2003-2004 | Forklift Operator/Order Puller

  • Besam Assa-Abloy

    2005-2005 | Electronic Door Assembly

  • Griener Bio One

    2005-2007 | Injection Mold Operator

  • Consolidated Met co

    2007-2008 | Injection Mold Operator

    I worked in a Motor Mount foundry as an injection mold operator

  • Chatman Computer Company

    2007-2008 | Technician

    I repaired broken or malfunctioning Personal computers.

  • Hinson Electric

    2008-2010 | Helper/Electrician Apprentice

    I functioned as a work-study employee; I attended accredited college level apprentice courses offered through the company at C.P.C.C in Charlotte, NC and Associated Building Contractor’s in Charlotte, NC. I read blueprints and schematic diagrams for circuit layout, device terminations, troubleshooting and maintenance at Wingate University Wingate, NC, Bank of America Charlotte, NC, Albemarle City Hall, Monroe High School, Nations Ford High School, Parkwood High School, Sun Valley High School, Pleasant Knoll Elementary School, J. Ray Shute Center, Con-met, A.E.P, Pepsi Cola Plant

  • Wachter Network Services

    2011-2011 | Electrician/Electrician Apprentice

    I picked, packed and labeled boxes of Styrofoam plates, I also trained as a Thermoform machine operator.

  • Darnell Monroe, NC

    2012-2012 | Packer/Material Handler

    I picked, packed and labeled boxes of Styrofoam plates, I also trained as a Thermoform machine operator.

  • BerryPlastics

    2012-2012 | Maintenance Mechanic B

    I worked as an Injection Molding Maintenance Mechanic. I performed weekly and monthly preventative maintenance procedures on the three machines that were assigned to me, and others when necessary. I changed Prime movers, Hydraulic Pumps, Directional Control Valves, O-rings, filters, V-belt’s, thermo couplers, conductors and various raceways. I also trouble shot start and stop circuits with relays, over current and safety interlock protection. I also developed my assignments using Lotus Notes.

  • Great American Appetizers

    2012-2013 | Sanitation Worker/Automation Maintenance Technician

    I disassembled machines and pumps for cleaning and sanitation inspection by the U.S.D.A and B.C.C auditors. I worked with various caustic and alkaline chemicals to complete this task safely and most accurate. I was accepted into the maintenance department after applying. I worked as a maintenance technician on various electro-mechanical components in the facility.

  • El-Paisa Auto Repair

    2013-2014 | Automotive Technician

    I completed head and intake gasket assignments. I dis-assembled vehicles for upgrades and or repairs. I installed rear wheel drive transmissions. I Mig-welded exhaust pipes for catalytic converter installs. I troubleshot electrical systems for equipment failures and repair.


  • S.P.C.C.

    2006-2007 | Electrical Electronics, Basic Electricity

    I studied Ac and Dc electricity as well as Motors and controllers. I studied Programmable logic controllers and how to work with ladder logic. I learned O.S.H.A Health and safety standards and guidelines.

  • N.C.C.E.R

    2008-2010 | National Center of Construction Education and Research

    Identification# 6749209 Electrician Apprentice Curriculum

  • S.P.C.C.

    Working with Diversity and Expository Writing

  • Mecha-tronics Certification

    2012-2012 | 10-Week Course

    Mecha-tronics is a 10 week course designed specifically for the Industrial Maintenance trade offered by S.P.C.C continuing education department. I learned the proper installation of Mechanical and Belt Drive Systems, to increase the life of a machine’s wear and tear components. I learned and developed a confidence with performing installation’s, maintenance, troubleshooting and calibration procedures of Relay’s, Plc’s, Electrical, Mechanical, and Hydraulic and Pneumatic circuits.

  • S.P.C.C.

    A-Plus, Pre-Cisco, Ms Office, Quick-Books