Randall Wickus

Work Experience

  • Lone Star Installations

    1999-2009 | Owner/ Operator

    Ran a company that at its peak employed 8 employees and three trucks. Installed high end kitchen appliances, outdoor kitchens and customer HVAC ducting. Consulted with designers, architects, builders and homeowner's concerning their kitchen designs. Had ongoing relationship with appliance vendors, providing tolerance information and construction requirements for appliance choices. Orchestrated the installation of third floor kitchens, utilizing cranes and specialized equipment; bringing multi-thousands of pounds of appliances to difficult to reach locations. Designed the installation of ducting, motors and hoods, in copper and stainless steel, with standing covers up to 12 feet tall, perfectly aligning over the cooking equipment. One artistic installation of glass with embedded metal and lighting backdrop to a hand made hood was featured in Architectural Digest magazine. Was considered the "go to installer" for exotic and extreme ducting needs. Performed ducting in high-rises with common plenums; penetrated walls of concrete, bricks, or stucco. Performed under house, under floor, above ceiling penetrations. Placed ducting in attics, in two story houses, in outside kitchens. Designed and implemented own ducting plenums, including a specially designed plenum for a huge, three motor hood installation. Commercial customers included The Great Outdoors (Sears), Milestone Distributors, Texas Sales and Marketing, Freed Appliance Distributors, BSH (Thermador, Bosch), Kiva Kitchen and Bath, McNair's Appliance, Depew Appliances, Factory Builder Sales, Morrison Supply, and Ferguson Enterprises. We also serviced a number of individual designers, architects and custom home builders. Maintained very safe work habits and environment. Had a $2 million liability policy with no injury claims over a 10 year period.

  • Southwest Rental Homes

    2009-2010 | Residential and Commercial Real Estate Maintenance

    Work on crews that maintained over 110 residential and commercial properties. Received daily list of properties requiring work, with assigned items for repair. Prioritized my assigned work performance to ensure timely completion and meeting of deadlines. Responsible for keeping records of my hours worked and submitted supplies list to the foreman for the supplies used daily. Inspected my own work for completion and that it was properly done. Made sure that no call backs would be required because of my work. Was on call on weekends for emergency maintenance calls as required.

  • A&e Factory Service / Sears

    2011-2011 | Cooking Equipment Repair Technician

    Received daily repair work list via computer download. Responsible for maintaining laptop availability for downloads. Responsible for keeping accurate company vehicle records and submitted vehicle for necessary maintenance. Maintained extensive amounts of supplied inventory in the vehicle. Had to make sure that the vehicle always had the necessary inventory on hand to perform any type of repair, short of replacement. Diagnosed and repaired broken cooking equipment in individual's homes (the field), turn-key, utilizing the parts inventory from the vehicle. Time was everything. Routinely drove to a minimum of 8 residences each day. Service area covered North Austin, Temple, Taylor, Manor, Elgin.

  • Southwest Rental Homes

    2011-2012 | Residential and Commerical Real Estate Maintenance Foreman

    Foreman for crew that maintained over 110 residential and commercial properties. Received daily list of properties requiring work. Prioritized and scheduled crews to perform work on a timely basis and meet deadlines. Responsible for keeping records of all hours worked by subcontractors. Submitted purchase orders for supplies used. Inspected properties for completed work assignments, insuring the work was properly done and that the properties were ready for tenants. Performed emergency maintenance calls as required.

  • Remarkable Results, Llc

    2013-2013 | Commercial Cleaning Specialist

    Learned to operate and maintain large commercial tile and carpet cleaning equipment. Cleaned high traffic commercial installations, such as theaters, restaurants, and museums, both locally and out of town.

  • Ibc Construction

    2013-2013 | Make Ready Specialist

    Inspect property and compile a punch out list of all visible defects of property, both interior and exterior. Develop purchase order for all materials required to achieve repairs of identified defects. Submit to Corporate Office. Maintained accurate records, both of work performed and gasoline used. Submitted on weekly basis. Had telephonic conferences with owners to discuss problems on specific properties. Made emergency work order calls which often required out of town stays to San Antonio Routinely repaired and/or replaced defective items, including but not limited to, Door Knobs and Locks, Window Coverings, Faucets, Sinks, Water Heaters, Toilets or Repair Kits, Light Fixtures, Ceiling Fans, Garbage Disposals and Garage Door Openers. Repaired Sheet Rock, Tile surrounds, Vinyl Flooring, and Cabinetry. Performed outside maintenance, including but not limited to, screen replacement, power washing of flat work and exterior of buildings, touch up painting, removal of graffiti, replacing of rotten wood and removal of yellow jackets. Trimmed Trees and shrubs, mulched and weeded beds, fire ant control, repaired and adjusted automatic sprinkler systems and timers, mowed lawns, and repaired fences and gates. All work was inspected and evaluated by professional home inspectors. My work routinely passed inspection the first time.