Tools & Equipment

Work Experience

  • Urban Opportunities (via Voodoo Donuts)

    2008-2008 | Christmas Tree Sales Clerk

    organize, rearrange, restock, and replace Christmas tree displays, set up and maintain advertisements and signs, cut, load, and secure sold trees, maintain lights and decorations, maintain sales lot, start and maintain a fire pit, create and play holiday music playlists, write receipts, and manage a small till.

  • Rich's Volvos Only


    helped obtain parts from donor vehicles, maintain and organize storage of parts and tools, clean and maintain shop, detail cars and interiors, order parts from warehouse, pick up shop supplies, help with general tasks, help customers, answer questions, and provide details on cars for sale.


  • Marshall High School - Biztech

    2008-2010 | Architectural Design

    2 years architectural design, 2 years digital media, 1 year business and marketing, 1 year wood shop/ metal shop

  • Wooldland High School

    2010-2012 | Automotive and Welding

    2 years automotive technology, 2 years welding and metal fabrication, 1 year business and management, 2 years strengthening and conditioning, 1 year french. graduated with honors, 1524 SAT score

  • Lower Columbia College

    2013-Present | welding

    Welding major, specializing in MIG and TIG aluminum, stainless, and mild steel manufacturing and fabrication. will graduate June 2015