Renaldo Little

Work Experience

  • Frank's Repair Shop

    2007-2009 | Assistant Mechanic

    Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics responsible for all automotive work and shop maintenance.

  • Stokes Construction Company

    2006-2010 | Finish Carpenter/ Maintenance

    My main jobs was tiler, painter, and to perform maitenance but i was responsible for landscaping, security and any other labor work that needed to be completed.

  • Pernell Plumbing And Electric

    2011-2012 | plumer/ electrician apprentice

    My job is to complete from start to finish and/ or assist with the completion of all jobs. I had to dig ditches for sewage and water lines, install and pressure test gas lines, wire houses completely, change water heaters, install lights and ceiling fans, install plugs and switches, clear sewer lines, install toilets and sinks,

  • Dish Network Warehouse

    2012-Present | warehouseman

    My job is to make and pack boxes with Dish Network recievers and then load filled boxes on pallet, work any position on line when needed, and make sure work area is clean.