richard kong

Work Experience

  • Vertex

    2000-2001 | Performance Mechanic

    I performed simple engine swaps and wiring on import vehicles.

  • Audiomobile

    2002-2004 | Alarm Technician

    I installed complex alarms and stereos. I fabricated speaker boxes using MDF. I diagnosed wiring and battery charging issues on vehicles. I explained to customers how to operate alarms and stereos. I also performed sales in this position.

  • Richard's Workshop

    2005-2008 | Owner

    I owned and operated an automotive shop specializing in high end performance modifications. I performed complex engine swaps, fabrications, tig/mig welding, light dynotuning, alarm and stereo installations. I managed and trained 4 mechanics in custom automotive modifications including engine swaps, electrical wiring, and tig/mig welding. I established and managed vendor accounts for Stance Suspension, Origin body kits, Greddy parts, Exedy clutches, Competition clutches, Carbonetics clutches, and Buddy club. I also provided guidance to customers regarding feasible custom automotive builds and rebuilds.

  • Performance Options

    2008-2009 | Performance Mechanic/Dyno Consultant

    I performed intermediate dynotuning on various vehicles using Haltech, Hondata, and Chrome software. I performed Tig/Mig welding, alignments, tire mounting, and balancing. I fabricated custom parts, including all roll cages, intercooler mounting, and exhausts in race vehicles. I also installed complex engine swaps such as an LS7 in an RX7 and an SR20 in a Corolla.

  • Thunderhill Raceway

    2008-2011 | Drift Instructor

    I taught beginner driftering lessons including simple initiations and car control. I also judged Formula Drift ProAm series at Thunderhill Raceway.


    2010-2011 | Technician

    I was responsible for performing safety inspections, performing basic/major (clutch, head gasket, engine swaps, transmission) jobs on a high volume basis, and diagnosing and troubleshooting all vehicle makes.

  • Bruce's Tire

    2012-Present | Lead Technician

    I am responsible for performing safety inspections on all passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles. I also diagnose, troubleshoot, and perform basic and major jobs on all vehicle makes. I talk to customers about their vehicles and help them to make wise decisions. I do weekly checks on stock rooms and oil levels and make decisions with management on how to make the work place efficient and profitable. I also brought in major tooling to do jobs that were once turned down because the shop was not equipped.

  • HANKOOK Tire

    2010-Present | Formula Drift

    I am the manager of a Hankook/Megan Racing 2010 Chevy Camaro and the Megan Racing Ae86. I travel to all Formula Drift competitions providing on-site automotive support, logistics, and manager vendor accounts to Hankook/Megan Racing car. I also diagnose and resolve vehicle problems.