Richard Randolph

  • 1.0+ yrs experience

Work Experience

  • Michael's


    Skills gained as a cashier and stocking material and products. Excellent customer service skills. Experience in loading and Unloading Trucks

  • Lake Creek Concrete

    2009-2012 | Form Setter

    In this position, I have set form, Tie rebar and pour concrete. In addtion, set heights and am efficient in transit.

  • Jimmy Johns

    2013-Present | Gourmet Sandwich Maker/Delivery Driver

    Skills performed: Make gourmet sandwiches and also a delivery driver. Stocking of products/materials

  • Lone Star College


    The HVAC&R certificate program prepares the individual for basic, entry-level employment in the residential and/or light commercial heating and air-conditioning service industry. The essentials of the mechanical and electrical systems of contemporary air-conditioning and heating systems are addressed throughout the program.