Robert Johnon

Robert Johnon

Licenses & Certifications

Work Experience

  • Halliburton

    2012-2013 | Oil Well Cementer, Oil Field Services

    Driving a tractor/trailer combo to and from oil field location in TX, OK, and Kansas. Once at location would ensure the site was safe and able to put equipment and work on. Would run hoses and iron pipes to the correct locations using manual labor and sledge hammers and other tools. Would ensure the job is ran safely and efficiently so that no mishaps occur during the duration of the job. Once complete would remove hoses and iron and safely store on the tractor/trailer. Transport equipment back to home camp in Pampa tx

  • Sanjel Usa

    2013-2014 | Coiled Tubing Operator Oil Field Services

    Transport tractor/ trailer and other oil field equipment to and from oil field locations throughout south Texas. Pre and post trip vehicle and equipment inspections. Once equipment was transported to the correct location would set up the necessary equipment needed to run job safely and effectively. Would participate and put in my opinions on how to run the specific job safely. Once job was complete would pack up and safely and securely store equipment on tractor/trailer and transport back to home camp.



  • Marine Corps

    2008-2012 | E4

    EAF systems technician employs, installs, operates, inspects, maintains, and repairs expeditionary airfield (EAF) systems to include arresting gear, visual landing aids, airfield surfacing system (AM-2 matting and accessories, mobi-matting and extreme lightweight matting). EAF Marines in this field operate, inspect, maintain emergency arresting gear systems for high performance Naval and Marine Corps tail hook aircraft, design expeditionary AM-2 airfield facilities, provide expeditionary lighting systems for Marine Expeditionary Units (MEUs), and conduct tactical/assault landing zones for Naval and Marine Corps tactical aircraft. Served as apart of a security force while deployed to Afghanistan for 7 months, and also during an 11 month deployment on a MEU traveling all over the world.