Robert Morhac

Work Experience

  • Longs Auto Body

    2007-2008 | Collision RefinishTechnician

    I had many responsibilities as a refinish technician at Long's Auto body. Some of these responsibilities included checking all incoming parts for all vehicles being repaired to ensure the parts where not damaged or incorrect. Preparing these parts for coatings was another task assigned to me along with mixing and applying all coatings to parts and vehicles as needed. Other tasks assigned to me included preparing vehicle surfaces for paint and masking up areas to be painted to protect from over spray. I also handled the ordering and stocking of all materials required to complete repairs in the shop. My responsibilities also included final cleaning and detailing of vehicles prior to customer delivery as well as cleaning and maintenance around the shop.

  • Schrec's Auto Body

    2008-2010 | Collision Technician

    My responsibility's where focused on the repair of damaged vehicles from start to finish according to a repair order provided for the vehicle. This included complete tear down of the damaged area of the vehicle and fitting and instillation of new parts as well as checking for any supplemental damage. Frame and Unibody repair were included in this process using a hydraulic frame machine and measuring equipment to return the frame or Unibody to pre-accident condition. Vehicle refinish was also a step in this process, from preparing parts, to mixing coatings and applying them to parts and vehicles alike. Mechanical repair was also among my responsibilities this included mounting and balancing tires and replacing worn or damaged parts including chassis, suspension and exhaust parts. As an employee it was also my task to keep the work environment clean and to do any other tasks required of me at the shop.

  • MSI Corporation

    2011-2012 | Metal Processor

    At MSI Corporation I held several positions, with many responsibilities. As an abrasive saw operator It was my responsibility to cut titanium jumbos before and after the grinding process. This included operating a remote 15 ton overhead crane and assisting a cab operated crane from the floor to load and unload pieces from the saw, most weighing 35,000-37,000 lbs before cutting. It was also my responsibility to operate the remote crane to load and unload both large milling machines and large gantry grinding machines around the facility. As a grinder operator I ran several types of gantry grinding machines that use large grinding belts to remove metal. I operated a grinder to remove surface defects from titanium, alloys, stainless steels and some specialty metals as well as grinding tool steels to specific thicknesses. A few other responsibilities I held as a worker at MSI Corporation included operating fork lifts ranging from 5,000-30,000+ lbs capacity and operating a large media blaster.

  • Oberg Industries

    2013-2013 | Apprentice Surface Grinder

    As an Apprentice, my responsibilities consisted mostly of operating a manual surface grinder to create or alter parts. This was done in accordance with blueprints provided with the parts telling of dimensions and acceptable surface finishes. The operation of this machine also required the use of several types of measuring devices including measuring calipers, micrometers, and optical comparators. As an Apprentice it was also required to assist in other departments as required. This included assisting in the EDM department and operating a manual press.

  • Leading Technologies

    2013-Present | Electroplating Line Operator

    As an electroplating line operator my responsibilities include but are not limited to, working as a team with other operators to ensure the correct operation of the electroplating line. To do this the team must ensure that all tanks along the line are properly filled with the correct fluid and any additives needed and add or remove and store these fluids according to company policy and MSDS. The team must also ensure the correct type and amount of anodes are used in the appropriate tanks to allow proper plating. General maintenance of the line is also included in my responsibilities, such as replacing damaged wires and connectors to ensure the proper voltage and amperage are applied to the product so that the plating properly adheres to it. The team must also load and unload the reels of material before and after the plating process and carefully monitor the feed and take up systems to ensure the product is moving correctly through the line.


  • Lenape Tech

    2005-2007 | High School Diploma

    Attained High School Diploma Major: Collision Repair