Roman Soto


Tools & Equipment

Work Experience

  • Jacksonville Sherriff's Office

    2008-2010 | Immigration Customs Enforcement Agent

    • Exceptionally skilled managerial abilities, staff and inmate interactions, institutional safety and security, correctional safekeeping intelligence, crime scene conservancy, communications and report writing, evidence collection, search warrants, examination and counter-surveillance, and courtroom testaments. • Managed and supervised a crew of 37 private security officers and a daily average of 30 injured inmates at Shands Hospital. • Oversaw inmates and efficiently enforced the policies of the correctional facility. • Safeguarded strict information security in agreement with all applicable procedures and regulations. • Executed in a safely manner numerous felony warrants towards offenders preventing further crime to the community.

  • Jacksonville Sherriff's Office

    2010-2012 | Immigration Customs Enforcement Agent

    • Established and maintained liaison with Congressional staff on an assortment of immigration related disputes. Inferred and applied technical strategies. • Led security checks and background investigations in agreement with all applicable DHS/USCIS laws and regulations. • Delivered direct and continuing aid to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) personnel. 
 • Served as only bi-lingual English and Spanish officer in a squad of six ice officers as a translator and customs agent. • Cross-examined detained illegal immigrants to draw statements. • Performed enforcement functions related to the research, arrest, documentation, confinement, courtroom subpoena, and transportation of immigrants.



  • United States Navy

    2000-2008 | ABH Aviation Aircraft Handler & HAZMAT Coordinator

    USS John F. Kennedy CV 67 • Familiar with all ground support equipment afloat and ashore for the aviation field. • Operated hard labor machinery for spotting aircraft onboard and ashore, as well as handy tools and safety equipment. • Managed a crew of eight personnel in support of engine scrutiny section, project satisfaction, and ahead of schedule requirements. • Operated closely with safety personnel in validating equipment configurations, ensuring proper and accurate reporting of various aircraft support elements in the 3M Maintenance Material and Management System. • Maintained E-28 aviation arresting gear to solve inbound non-capability of braking emergencies for all fixed wing aircraft. • Performed maintenance, troubleshooting, and testing in a safely manner to all aircraft stoppage E-28 arresting gear, and landing aids. • Directly responsible for weekly/monthly reporting of Maintenance Action Form (MAFs) metrics to include MAFs aircraft arresting gear hits. • Hazmat training coordinator for eight personnel, responsible for assisting them with handling and disposing of hazardous material. • Monitored maintenance requirements for the up keeping of all gear for over 15 personnel. • Organized Technical Manuals, Planned Maintenance Systems (PMS), Aircraft Parts Analysis, and Maintenance Assistance Modules (MAMS). • In charge of the receiving, stowing, issuing, and invoicing of all Hazardous Material, and repair parts management. This included obtaining Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) when required. • Established and maintained an effective information reporting system sufficient to provide the Consolidated Hazardous Material Reutilization and Inventory Management Program (CHRIMP) Team and other management officials accurate and up-to-date status on hazardous material requirements. • Proficient with all aspects of aircraft safety support in regards to Safety Handling of Aircraft Afloat and Ashore.

  • United States Navy

    2012-2013 | ABH Aviation Aircraft Handler & HAZMAT Coordinator

    • Supervised, monitored, and conducted all imported airfield material and merchandise inspections being transported to a secret camp. • Performed critical customs missions for outbound personnel and material in hostile and hazardous environments in a safely and accurate fashion. • Lead Distinguished Visitor Transporter in charge of a shop of eight conveying personnel. • Instruct personnel in loading, unloading, segregation, dunnage, pelletizing, and selection of all inbound and outbound essencial material. Inspect all goods and products. • Coordinated and assisted over 40 sailor personnel in achieving multiple licenses to include 25Ton tractor-trailer, 15Ton state truck, 6K-20K forklift, and 42-passenger bus. • Safety Supervisor; observe the safety of others with in a hostile and hazardous environment. Organizing and maintaining monthly safety meetings. Leading to 0% in Safety hits. • Implemented Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Charts for the safe transport of personnel and goods