Work Experience

  • Matrix Service Co.

    2000-2002 | Assistant Lead Person

    I worked in bay 3 and 4. I was responsible for filling parts orders for projects. This consisted of using a 50 ton+ break machine, drill presses, sheers, strippet machine, punches, and quite bit of forklift work.

  • RLT: Redding Lumber and Trucking

    2014-2014 | Lube Technician/ Performance Maintenance Technician

    My job was to maintain all of the trucks and trailers and make sure they met DOT inspections. I was able to help lower their DOT inspection failures by 200%

  • G&J Diesel Performance

    2014-2015 | Machinest

    My Job was to help manage the phones. Machine and deck diesel power plants. I also helped maintain and ready a Diesel power 1941 Willies Pro street for the NHRDA 2015 season. It's fastest quarter mile time is 7.84.

  • Wireless Associates

    2015-Present | General Field Labor

    My job is to learn about cell towers, and be of help in any way. This includes erection of new towers, decommissioning of old towers. I would use lifts, climbing harnesses, various tools and equipment to get the jobs done. I'm in no way an official employee of the company.

  • Vision Interface

    2009-Present | Vice President of Internet Marketing

    I help businesses leverage the Internet