Stephen Davis

Licenses & Certifications

Work Experience

  • Food Service Supplies Llc

    1991-1995 | installer

    I built cabinets and worked with Corian in the shop. I installed Applebee’s canopy and bar tops on the job sites. I also installed Denny's, Hardee's, Burger King, and Fatz. In the shop we were given cabinet drawings and we had to do our own cut list, saw our own material, and hand stick our own laminate to build cabinets. On the job site we installed cabinets, bar tops, canopy, and other wood fixtures.

  • owens corning fiberglass

    1995-2001 | TDP

    I worked on machines that spun glass yarn. I inspected the yarn and packed it up for shipment

  • Southern Architectural Woodwork

    2002-2008 | shop forman

    My duties as Production Manager was to schedule work to be preformed in a timely manner and meet quality expectations. I worked with veneer in all aspects. I worked in the assembly department building cabinets, doors, window walls, and door jambs together. I also worked on job sites installing cabinets, window walls and hanging doors. I did material and veneer takeoff for jobs and ordered materials as needed.

  • Specialty Woodworks

    2008-2009 | 2nd shift supervisor

    My duties were to make sure cabinets were built according to specs., production and time schedule were met with good quality, and ran CNC router, edge bander, and CNC doweling machine to keep work flowing.

  • The Fitts Company

    2009-2010 | Millwork supervisor

    My duties were ordering materials and supplies, scheduling production, help building, inspecting product before shipment, loading and unloading, and final installation of product on job site.

  • Styles Woodwork

    2010-2011 | cabinet builder

    My duties were running CNC router, edge bander, and case clamp to build cabinets. I also ran dovetail machine to make dovetail drawers. I also built solid surface and laminate counter tops. I went and installed cabinets and counter tops upon completion in shop.

  • Peralta Woodworks

    2011-2013 | shop/installation forman

    My duties were run CNC router, edge bander, doweling machine, case clamp, pocket machine, shaper, and pinch roller. I had to order sheet good materials, shop supplies, and hardware for the shop and installation. I had to make sure the jobs were produced and installed in a timely manner and meet the quality standards.