Tools & Equipment

Work Experience

  • Lipton Realty

    2006-2008 | Director of Operations

    Responsible for the successful operations of eight retail self-storage and 4 mobile storage operations. Increased rental rates and overall profitability of the operations by putting the focus of the employees back on the customer. Responsible for the P&L at each location.  Responsible for the overall operation of the 8 facilities from human resources and training to sales and customer service.  Introduced training programs that enhanced employee performance and helped build a motivated workforce.  Opened additions at two locations and increased the profitability of each of those locations through these additions.

  • National Bath Systems

    2008-2010 | Branch Manager

    Responsible for all aspects of the business operations; from sales management, operations management to human resources, purchasing and more. Remained focused on customer satisfaction which assists in the retention of new and existing customers.  Recorded best profit year of the branch. Increased sales by 30% and increased profit over $300K  Increased customer satisfaction from 90% to 100% by ensuring the installation process was followed during installation.  Increased sales close rate from 40-45% in 2007 to 57% for 2008 and 2009.  Decreased expenses of the Branch by 20% over 12 months to lower the break-even to manufacture additional profit for the branch.  Instilled a fun work atmosphere which focuses on the employees and assists them in personal and professional development. These programs lead to greater retention and better overall employee moral.

  • Self-Employed

    2010-2016 | Owner, Operator

    Owned and operated a successful lawn care and landscaping business. Started from ground up to over $200K per year.