Wesley McCarley

Wesley McCarley

Work Experience

  • United States Navy

    2001-2012 | E6 Hull Maintenance Technician

    Welding, brazing, pipe repairs, structural welding. Using TIG, MIG, Stick, Flux Core, and Carbon Arc Processes in a shipboard and shipyard enviorment.

  • Greenwood Inc

    2013-2014 | Maintenance Welder

    Code welder for vessel and piping repairs on carbon, ss, Inconel, as well as some hastalloy vessels, piping and pump casings.

  • IPI

    2014-2014 | Welder Stainless steel Tig

    Welded SCH 10 SS in various sizes ranging from 1" to 10" dia. To Wacker Inc Standards for SS.

  • Hardy Piping and Welding Services

    2014-2015 | Welder, Combination

    Welded carbon and stainless pipe in support of a liquid oxygen producing plant as well as a liquid hydrogen producing plant.

  • Day & Zimmermann

    2015-2015 | Welder, Combination

    Worked the spring refueling outage at Surry Power Station.


  • Naval Advanced Weld School NEC 4955

    2007-2007 | Naval certificate of completion

    Advanced welding techniques and weld theory in relation to carbon, stainless and copper nickel pipe.