Work Experience

  • Brand X Car Care

    2011-2013 | Automotive Body and Mechanical Technician

    My self employed business which is mostly an investment at this point. Building clientele and experience as well as a good reputation and solid knowledge/ experience in both mechanical and body field of automotive repair.

  • Eg Productions

    2007-2013 | Stage Hand/ Production Assistant

    This is an entertainment related job I have been working since 8th grade. I work for several different concert promoters at a number of different shows managing stages, getting performances ready for a show, helping with crew and patron problems, as well as much more than cannot be listed.

  • Private Professional

    2013-Present | Restoration Apprentice

    I work alongside a local business owner who has been restore classic GM and Chevy cars for over 30 years. I do anything from underbody cleaning to complete paint jobs depending on the project. Great experience, Learning opportunity, and this is a paid position.