Andrew Andrade

Tools & Equipment

Work Experience

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    2007-Present | Electrical and Mechanical

    Assisted electrician in planning layout, installing, and repairing wiring on electrical fixtures, apparatus, and control equipment; Gathered tools and materials needed for the day; Worked with electrician to prepare sketches showing location of wiring and equipment; Followed diagrams or blueprints, ensuring that concealed wiring was installed before completion of future walls, ceilings and flooring; Pulled wiring through conduit; Connected power cables to equipment such as electric range or motor and installed grounding leads; Tested continuity of circuit to ensure electrical compatibility and safety of components, using testing instruments such as ohmmeter, voltmeter, battery, and buzzer; Lifted, positioned, and fastened wiring, conduit and motors; Performed repairs such as replacing fuses, light sockets, bulbs and switches, using handtools or power tools; Maintained tools and equipment and kept supplies and parts in order; Disassembled defective electrical equipment, replaced defective or worn parts and reassembled equipment with hand tools or power tools; Performed processes, such as measuring, cutting, bending, assembling, and installing electrical conduit, splicing wires,, connecting wiring to lighting fixtures and power equipment and installing control and distribution apparatus.