Edwin Arnold

Work Experience

  • Fraser Boiler Service

    1990-1996 | Boiler Maker

    The installation, hands-on repair, and preventive maintenance on boiler and condenser. This involved tubing of boiler and condenser as well as pulling boiler pumps and repairing and reinstalling of same. Heavy metal abatement certified.

  • CMSD

    1996-2002 | Outside Machinist

    Troubleshooting of SSTG SSDG, elevators, boat davits; pump alignment and overhaul, valve overhaul. Testing and operating hydraulic system and elevators. Lapping of inline steam valves. Hydrostatic testing of boiler and condenser, structural repair and preservation of boiler casing. Re-bricking of boiler.

  • General Dynamics Nassco

    2002-2005 | Outside Machinist

    Assembly of mechanical module and piping system for the tote dry cargo ships and B.P oil tankers. Troubleshooting SSTG SSDG emergency diesel, gas and steam turbine; testing and operating hydraulic system, elevators, boat davits, shafting; lapping of inline main steam valves, take precision measurements of inline bearing; pump alignment and pump overhaul.

  • Bender Shipyard

    2005-2006 | Outside Machinist

    Extraction, disassembly, inspection, reassembly, and alignment of all types and sizes of pumps and valves. Shafting testing and operating of elevators, hydraulic systems, and boat davits; installing reach rod assembly and Teleflex cable, troubleshooting SSTG SSDG emergency diesel, gas and steam turbine; maintenance of vertical steam turbine, air compressors, and diesel engines. In the shop I would rework impellors, bearings, wear rings, couplings, pistons, valves, gear boxes, drive units, shafting, seals, and packing.

  • General Dynamics Nassco

    2011-2012 | Outside Machinist

    This involved the extraction, disassembly, inspection, reassembly, and alignment of all types and sizes of pumps, vertical turbines and compressors, diesel engines, hydraulic and pneumatic systems; in addition to, all ancillary equipment found onboard a naval vessel. This involved the interfacing and coordinating with OEM personnel and ship department heads priority of work.

  • Collins Marine

    2012-2013 | Outside Machinist

    Installed, maintained, and repair ship main propulsion and auxiliary systems, including but not limited to, steam, gas turbine, diesel propulsion, propulsion shafting, propellers, rudders, air conditioning and refrigeration, and steering system. Installs, maintains, and repairs ships sub-systems, including but not limited, to pumps, valves, compressor, purifiers, heat exchangers, hydraulic/electric motor operators, fluid control components/assemblies and fluid/hydraulic systems. Tested installed equipment to ensure system meets specification.