Tools & Equipment

Work Experience

  • Wal-mart

    1991-1991 | Truck unloader

    Unload trucks that came into Wal-mart, we used pallet jacks, a conveyer belt,pallets,we unloaded trucks onto pallets then moved products to the floor to be shelved

  • Universal Recycling

    1992-1993 | Warehouseman

    Cut tires in a press to make dock bumpers. Also used a threader to cut threads in steel pipe,used a band saw to cut steel pipe and angle iron,used a press to assemble the bumpers

  • Kml Crates Pallets And Boxes

    1991-2001 | Owner

    Built wooden boxes, bought material needed, cut and planned job,shipped crates, did billing for the crates, cut paychecks for employees, did the general running of the company,answered phones,took orders.

  • Family Farm

    1989-2001 | Farm Hand

    Ran tractors, took care off cattle, fixed fences,took care of plumbing & electrical problems,took care of vacations for the animals,and the chemicals used around the farm.

  • Farrell Road Storage

    2010-2012 | Storage lot operator

    Enter and release cars in the computer, had to call in cars, answer phones,call the vehicles into local police departments, had to collect money, inventory vehicles,log cars into the storage system

  • Guaranteed Adjusters

    2001-2013 | spot car driver

    Go to address to check to see if drivers notes match what is seen, I have been a driver/owner of three wreckers,repossed colleratal of people that the banks want,entering information of what is going on with accounts, talk to the debtors and collectors. As an owner I did billing and maintanence on trucks.

  • Lone Star College


    I am currently in the program to get my certifications and an Associates of Applied Science Machining degree. It is a new degree program