Licenses & Certifications

Work Experience

  • California Culinary Academy

    2005-2007 | Sous Chef

    I was promoted to Sous Chef after spending time as an assistant

  • walmart supercenter

    2015-2015 | Tire, Lube and Express Technician

    Checked to see what did the customer required and put it in a computer system in order to complete the task. When the customer vehicle arrives it is our duty to put them in ‘The First Come First Serve,’ order for speedy service. When the customer need new tires, the service writer immediately looks for the speed rating as well as the correct size for the vehicle in question. It is also the duty of the technician to install batteries and perform general vehicle maintenance as a courtesy. This is a great summer job for automotive students.

  • Togos

    2014-Present | Sign Wave/ Sandwich Maker

    I have a resent college job at Togo's Sandwich Shop in Fairfield. I had it since Fall of 2014. It is a weekend job where I get to be in a restaurant atmosphere while studying the automotive technology courses. I will be finished with the classes after Fall 2015. I get to sign wave to bring in customers; and when sign waving is complete, that is when I get to make sandwiches; the goal is to complete the order in one minute or less. It doesn't matter if it is a green salad or a huge sandwich, it has to be done in one minute. I really like that challenge and that is why it is exciting to work here. Custom order? No problem, that will still be done in one minute. Within the minute the sandwich will taste perfect and look perfect. The store has to be clean at all times and we are very passionate about the cleanliness of the place. Whenever any employee see a mess, we will clean it up immediately. I take this attention to detail to fixing vehicles as a technician.



  • United States Army

    2015-Present | Light Vehicle Technician

    I joined the United States Army this year. I will be repairing anything that has wheels inside the branch. I signed up for six year service.