marco parada

marco parada

  • 15.0+ yrs experience

Tools & Equipment

Work Experience

  • Ceitronics

    1998-2001 | Field Technician

    Perform daily co-location, maintenance, configuration and testing at SBC/AT&T/HP and Sun Microsystems Routers. Install, repair, troubleshoot, test and maintain network equipment. Installations of personnel computer software/hardware. Ensure networking protocols TCP/IP operations via networking equipment.

  • Ceitronics

    1998-2001 | Network Technician

    Perform installations, configuration, upgrading, testing, troubleshooting, network and computer workstation setups. Install, repair, test troubleshoot, telephone and data cabling , jack termination, panels , build racks. Troubleshoot, test and maintain fiber optics copper wire via major national and international network carriers. Ensure quality customer service 24/7 by updating daily report logs and providing system documentation.

  • CTS

    2001-2003 | Telecommunications Installer

    Responsible for coordinating, installing, troubleshooting and maintaining telecommunication equipment and circuits at many (POP), Point of Presence junction sites and hubs at SBC, MCI, Sprint and AT&T. Able to simultaneously manage multiple projects. Proven to work well under pressure and in critical situations. Ensure proper installation, configuration, testing and troubleshooting. Ensure networking protocols TCP/IP operations via networking equipment.

  • Net Versant

    2003-2005 | Project Lead

    Managed projects on cabling structures for telephone, data, alarm systems, Audio/video, Security Cameras & CATV. Managed warehouse, Products inventory, Order and make sure all equipment were installed and functioning correctly. Maintained accountability for all material and equipment.

  • Net Versant

    2003-2005 | Senior Field Technician

    Coordinating, testing, troubleshooting, and maintaining Security and Alarm Systems, DC power distribution. Obtained a high level of proficiency with complex telecommunication test equipment. Demonstrated ability to work under pressure and adapt to changes, complete projects on time.

  • Dish Network Direct TV

    2005-2007 | Subcontractor/Installer

    Wall fishing, cutting, wire running, termination, test and programming, and complete Satellite/Dish Installation.

  • MP Security

    2008-Present | Customer Service Technician

    Manage rolling out of lines and all remote testing Surveillance Systems. Sales -Service- Installation of Security Cameras. Effectively troubleshoot and communicate with customers and central office staff.


  • Condie Jr. College

    Certificate, Fiber optics and Category 5 jacks. Certificate, Panel Termination.