Ross Autrey

Ross Autrey

Work Experience

  • Kearfott Motion Systems Division

    2007-2009 | machinist

    set up and operate multiple Haas CNC vertical milling centers and lathes. Make minor offsets in the machine and in the program. Hold precise tolerances and use precision measurement tools. Read blueprints and travelers.

  • Sunray

    2011-2012 | machinist

    Set up and operate Haas CNC mills and lathes. Set up and operate manual lathes and mills. Make minor and major machine and program offsets. Use quick tab programming and some G-code programming. Read blueprints. Use precision and semi precision measurement tools and hold precise tolerances. Manuel surface grinding. Polyurethane mold and master part making.


  • Blue Ridge Community College


    Sound machining practices that help with holding and machining the work piece .Setting up, programming, and operating manual and CNC machines. Calculating feeds and speeds while navigating the machinist handbook. Blueprint reading as well as drilling, tapping, and knurling the work piece. laying out a piece and using hand tools.