Work Experience

  • United States Air Force

    1990-1999 | Machine and Welding Shop Craftsmen

    Used precision measuring devices such as caliper, micrometers and height gauges during the manufacturing processes. Machine parts to specifications using machine tools such as CNC and conventional lathes, milling machines or grinders. Set up adjust and operate basic or specialized machine tools used to perform precision machining operations. Align and secure holding fixtures, cutting tools, attachments, accessories or materials onto machines. Monitor the feed and speed of machines during the machining process. Maintain machine tools in proper operational condition. Utilize blueprints, drawings, or engineering information to determine methods or sequences of operations needed to fabricate products. Perform welding repairs using oxy-acetylene, ARC, MIG and TIG welding processes.

  • United States Air Force

    1999-2009 | Machine and Welding shop Manager

    Supervised military and civilian personnel through all facets of organizational and intermediate-level maintenance actions to include the inspection, repair, and modification of aircraft and support equipment. Managed machining and welding equipment valued at $3.5 million and controlled an operating budget. Established metalworking safety procedures; enforced AFOSH standards and OSHA safety directives. Monitors upgrade, weld certifications and all other work center training requirements per regulations. Planned, directed, prioritized and performed manufacture and modification of aircraft and support equipment parts using CNC and conventional milling machines and lathes, welding repairs using oxy-acetylene, ARC, MIG and TIG processes, and heat treating and electroplating operations. Used precision measuring devices such as caliper, micrometers and height gauges to perform quality checks on manufactured parts. Interpreted technical publications, blueprints, and shop drawings.

  • United States Air Force

    2010-2011 | Production Superintendent

    Leads production effort, prioritizes, and directs all maintenance requirements and flying schedule executions for all assigned aircraft. Directly supervised and managed repair and maintenance actions for a squadron comprised of 250+ technicians from 18 different career fields providing on/off equipment maintenance. Monitored maintenance, utilization, and security of equipment used in production and contingency deployments supporting assigned aircraft. Coordinated shared recourse meetings; planned and executed daily, weekly and monthly flying schedule. Briefed leadership daily on aircraft readiness and availability. Applies in-depth technical knowledge and analytical problem solving approach to rectify issues associated with operations and production goals. Coordinated 65 engineering dispositions for local repairs; cut aircraft down time and saved $105.5M. Ensured personnel followed technical data/safety procedures; superb 92% QA pass rate.

  • United States Air Force

    2011-Present | Quality Assurance Chief Inspector

    Developed and enforced quality assurance procedures for over 500 military and civilian personnel. Evaluated mission effectiveness, job procedures technical data and maintenance practices. Analyzed aircraft maintenance procedures and identified trend data to enhance mission effectiveness. Formulated safety guidelines and policies and provided operational guidance. Assured employees and customers adhere to all safety policies and procedures. Managed multiple programs: Environmental Compliance, Deficiency Reports, Special Certification, Safety and Aircraft Weight and Balance. Briefed results to senior leaders, highlighted trends, recommended improvements and implemented corrective actions. Authored 200+ engineering dispositions for depot-level repairs at home station; saved $13.2 million Reviewed over 3000 inspections, identified 170 safety violations ensured group maintained 89% pass rate

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